What is Louie’s Luncheonette?

Louie’s Luncheonette is a revolutionary plant-based cold cut brand and digital marketplace. We offer a variety of your favorite deli meats reimagined, available online to instantly ship directly to your doorstep.

We use all-natural plant-based ingredients, including the world’s best herbs and spices, to hand-make and cut vegan, ready-to-eat deli meats that stand out for their exceptional taste and nutritional value. Our cold cuts offer a complete protein at 12-13 grams per serving, higher than traditional meat options, while also being substantially lower in sodium content.

No more deli numbers or lines. Just visit our Deli Counter and experience where Deli Meats the Future.

Who’s Behind Louie’s Luncheonette?

Just like your neighborhood deli, Louie’s Luncheonette is operated by a small but hardworking team. Brothers Louie and Matt Catizone , alongside longtime friend Steven DeAngelo, lead all the day-to-day operations. Together these three co-founders are the ones personally developing, cooking, cutting and shipping your plant-based cold cuts each and every time.

How Did Louie’s Luncheonette Come to Fruition?

It started as a love letter to Louie’s childhood, but quickly blossomed into something more.

Initially conceptualized by co-founder, brand namesake, and vegan Louie Catizone several years ago, Louie’s Luncheonette started as a thought but became a reality during the COVID-19 pandemic when more than ever, the world craved consumable change.

Alongside brother Matt, the two grew up in a first-generation Italian-American household of six, where from a young age they created homemade capicola, prosciutto and soppressata at their Nonnina’s house in northern New Jersey.

But after giving up meat cold turkey in 2016, Louie had several and often times more delicious options in so many categories, but felt a large void from a lack of alternative deli meats. Like so many others, this gap left him craving some of those nostalgic flavors he grew up loving. This led to him making plant-based, vegan deli meats for personal consumption, which he then slowly began sharing, first with vegans and vegetarians, and then with meat-eaters, all to incredible responses.

When the world shifted in early 2020 due to COVID-19, Louie saw the environmental and cultural need to share his cold cuts well beyond his friends and family, and brought on Matt and Steven to help shape his concept into a reality. Alas, Louie’s Luncheonette was born.

What Drives Louie’s Luncheonette?

Major components that drive Louie’s Luncheonette are consumability, accessibility, and environmentalism.

There are meat alternatives for so many different products, but a common theme with a majority of them is that they require additional preparation or cooking, creating a barrier to entry. With plant-based ready-to-eat cold cuts, anyone anywhere can consume them as is, in ways they already understand.

Direct doorstep shipping allows safe, easy delivery to your home, and works to eliminate accessibility issues such as food deserts.

We also care deeply about environmental responsibility and animal conservation. For us we see animals as friends, not food, and we do everything we can to limit our environmental impact throughout our entire process.

Our cold cuts arrive to directly to your door from us in a minimal, sustainable package consisting of compostable packaging materials, reusable drain safe ice packs, and recycled paper products.